How much Water should I take per day

 Are you comfortable with 2 litres per day? The fluids account for 8 glasses or feed recommended for adults when the 2liters are divided by 250mls. The 250mls are the estimated intake per feed. If you need to put things to be accurate for you, finding out can be right and calculating for oneself to clear the doubt.


 The known fact is that an adult is advised to take up to 2 litres of water per day. Are these simply the specific amounts and figures for all individuals? The 250mls per feed is fair for every adult, especially those weighing 60kgs. What if it occurs you count fewer pounds, and you are an adult. Scientists and specialists still doubt this fact. Therefore it has been recorded as a myth. Health experts say that fluid intake depends on activity level and specific geographical climate. Do they mean those in hot areas and vigorous people need more fluids than those in cold places and sedentary life?


 How much water Should I take per day?

 Do you know the volume of water in ml or litres you should take? Do you still agree with 2 litres per day? sometimes it is better to be accurate always for the benefit of your health. Being just on your water intake helps prevent your excretory organs from extremeness burden? 


The kidneys excrete 0.8 to 1.0 litres per hour. The excretion amounts have been calculated using the formula; 1- 2mls per kg in an hr. Here means in every kilogram the body eliminates 1-2mls per kg in one hr. The amount of excess water you excrete depends on your weight and this should be remembered when it also comes to water input. An adult considered to know the specific water inputs in MLS or litres, using 35mls per kg per day gives a correct outlay of water to be taken in a day. Therefore drinking more than our excretory organs can eliminate is bad.

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