Beneficial food preparation and cooking

Use clean materials and knives to cut fruits,maintain hygiene

 In food preparation and cooking, we need to point out basic and essential concepts that are relevant there in the kitchen. On ensuring food prepared, cooked, and served is wholesome, without harmful hazards, or low in nutrients, therefore improving our food preparation mastery remains the key.

 We require the nutrients to play a vital role in our bodies to perfect our health.  Improving our nutrition satisfies our body with the essential nutrients to build structures and cells to fight diseases.

Healthy food is therefore food free from harmful hazards, and other contaminants and suffices human needs nutritionally. Even though putting food hygiene into consideration, humans need to preserve the nutrients in food by securing healthy cooking practices.

Healthy cooking is simply using the relevant method of cooking that suits the intended food to be cooked, to avoid destroying the current present nutrients in the food or adding any physical hazards in the cooking duration.

Some cooking methods like thorough boiling of vegetables lead to a point at which the nutrients are leached into the vegetable soup, this pulls out nutrients into the water from food, the vegetables remain in roughage form and less nutritious.

Measures To come up with healthy food

Wash your fruits and vegetables with clean water



In making sure our food ready for consumption is healthy that meets nutritional needs and is harmless we need to put these acts;


1. Using the relevant cooking method


Using relevant cooking methods for specific foods; food to be prepared must adhere to the cooking method one aims to implement. Individuals should prefer microwaving and steaming vegetables instead of boiling them.


2. Suitable preservation Methods


Using conserving methods like deep freezing, and refrigeration of food products like meat, fruits, and vegetables to reduce, and prevent the multiplication of the harmful microorganisms that spoil food.

3. Cooking at inappropriate temperatures


Cooking food to the appropriate length of temperatures and serving food to the temperatures at which they were cooked (while still hot). Foods like meat, poultry, and eggs should not be undercooked since if appropriate temperatures of cooking are neglected, the possible microorganisms present will still be alive to hunt for human health.


4. Food Hygiene, 


Food hygiene and self-hygiene; One self-hygiene is important both in food handling, preparation, and serving to prevent cross-contaminating food. In food hygiene, washing fruits, vegetables, and any other food before cooking or consumption reduces the level of food hazards ingested likely to cause illnesses. Washing fruits and vegetables with vinegar help in eradicating present microorganisms in the foodstuffs.


Wash vegetables before cutting to preserve nutrients. Don't wash after cutting since the nutrients will be all leached into the washing water.






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