Are cigarettes smokers at risk-Covid-19 survival

two lungs shows effects of smoking whereby the right lung is healthy

Cigarettes smoking is said to cause lung functioning impairment; it causes diseases of the lungs like cancer of the lungs. It affects other parts of the respiratory including the bronchioles and the alveoli responsible for gaseous exchange.


Since Covid -19 infection targets the respiratory system, the system parts will get affected; the lungs and the air sacs functions will be disabled. Smokers will find this as a challenge in fighting covid-19. Instead, the severity of the condition increases, putting them at risk of losing a life. They will experience breathing difficulties due to damaged lung tissues by both the virus and the smoke hence the lungs find it difficult to exchange gases.


Reduced lung capacity can cause admission to ventilators for a long time in an ICU. Studies have suggested that smokers are at risk of contracting the virus among themselves, smoking in groups sharing the cigarettes pieces, water pipes ( shisha), and saliva spits which also tend to spread the deadly virus to others.

Keep yourself fit -general measure's

Exercise; exercise helps improve health in general. Keep's you active and improves immunity strength.

Wear masks- wearing masks helps limit spreading the virus in public places where social distancing isn't possible. Masks can limit the virus spread when people sneeze, cough, or speak.

Routinely clean and disinfect surfaces to maintain environmental cleanness, to reduce viral survival. Cleaning infected surfaces with surfactants with cleaning properties kill the virus.

Maintain self-hygiene, wash hands with soap or use alcohol-based hand sanitiser. washing with soap or using alcohol-based hand sanitiser eradicates the virus.

Limit or commit to quit smoking- for smokers, try gradually to limit and stop smoking since smoking is unhealthy. It causes imperfection in your respiratory system.


Maintain ventilation; check ventilation fans; exhaust fans. Keep ventilation by ensuring ways that bring in air to the house are kept open, including; windows to allow clean outdoor air.


Eat a balanced diet- include foods that boost immunity in your diets, such as vitamin C and E rich foods.

Vitamin C improves and initiates the activity of neutrophils. 



Edward K.E

Nutrition fit health for all

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