Anemia and it's complaints


Plates showing insufficient iron food intake leads to anemia
Insufficient intake of iron rich foods causes iron deficiency anemia

Anemia being described as a reduced number of red blood cells in the circulatory system. This condition arises when the diseases like malaria attack the human red blood cells leading to this health issue. The malaria parasites usually target the Red blood cells. Sometimes the anemia might be due to insufficient iron intake leading to iron deficiency anemia.

Due to the lower number of red blood cells in the body, oxygen transportation  to the rest of the body cells and tissues  for respiration is reduced. This results in complications such as fatigue since the oxygen needed by your tissues is limited.

Hemoglobin automatically becomes insufficient thus the symptoms; pale eyes and fingernails . Since the hemoglobin is the one giving the blood the red color. The number of red  blood cells with hemoglobin  reaching the body tissues including the skin and eyes is diminished.

Coping with Anemia

  • These remedies can help guide you on what to do if you are anemic;

  •  Consume fortified foods example the fortified iron breakfast cereals, foods that have been fortified with the iron will aid in increasing iron intake.
  • Supplementation of iron; receive iron supplements from your physician. Getting from a physician makes an individual aware if supplementation is needed, an individual can ingest the  right quantities according to the prescription. Supplementation is done only if the patient has failed to meet the required iron from the diet.

  • Prefer getting irons from natural foods such as cereals and whole grains, green leafy vegetables specifically spinach. Remember to include heme sources from animal products like liver, fish, and kidney.

  • Consume foods that increase iron absorption. Consume oranges. They contain vitamin c which increases iron absorption. Limit or cut off caffeine since they reduce iron absorption. Always value your knowledge on nutrient-nutrient interaction.

  • Check drug and nutrient interaction if on medication; since some antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin drugs impair iron absorption.

  • Reduce the quantity  of food intake in a serving if  absorbing food is the problem. You can increase the frequency of having meals if portions are reduced to meet daily intake. This helps deal with malabsorption.

  • Always check for general health with your doctor. Check for diseases like malaria that are lowering red blood cells count. Individuals should check their health as a whole since  dietary patterns might be correct but the hidden disorders, specifically GIT like malabsorption is the main ailment causing the condition.
Serum free hemoglobin test, checking for HB level
Checking for your HB level, helps determine the  hemoglobin you have in your Red Blood cells.

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