Why you should read foodstuff labels?

Read food labels understand nutrition information

Every foodstuff sold by the vendors we all regard it as wholesome. It's Fit for consumption since we assume that to be released by food manufacturers and sold in the markets, the foods have passed through food standards and legislation.
Packaging materials are labelled after being packed. The labels are not only decorative words but they give direct nutritional content of food to the consumer.

Despite the standards and food certification marks, individuals should value confirming by reading the information panel provided.

 Going through the label will help the consumer confirm if the ingredients listed in the food fit them. They should confirm the availability of this nutritional information, like free fats, sugar-free, or if there is the presence of bad cholesterol.

The words in the labels are there to give clear clarifications of food composition and ingredients that were used to produce the food.

The labels speak advise the consumer on deciding and choosing on the right stuff healthy and compatible with them. The labels advise on how the nutrient should be consumed, that is warning if moderation is required.

If the consumer follows the instructions listed in the label, chances of allergies such as lactose, gluten, and soy intolerance occurring will be minimized up to acceptable levels.

When labels are misunderstood or overlooked, the consumer might consume unfit commodities or fail to moderate if listed thus causing toxicity which if surpassed may cause serious issues and risk to chronic diseases such as cardiac disorders, liver, and kidney, complications.

The complications arise due to frequent use of the product as opposed to the advice and warning. Sometimes this is the justification for over-nutrition also. 


Why you should read foodstuff labels?
Reading foodstuff labels helps you;
  • Acquire useful information regarding ingredients used to produce the food
  • Prevent food allergies
  • Consume nutrient quantity in the right proportion if moderation is required; this prevents toxicity.
  • Maintain a healthy weight; adhering to the caution or warning information will help you moderate commodity intake which has high cholesterol associated with overweight.

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