How do dysphagia symptoms impact your nourishment?

inflamed GI, causing swallowing difficulty
What is this dysphagia?

Dysphagia described as swallowing difficulties is characterized by these causative complaints; oral ailments such as cancer of the mouth, throat disorder like gastroesophageal reflux disease due to regurgitation of gastric contents that irritate the lining of the oesophagus leading to inflammation. The painful irritated part cannot allow food passage to the stomach, thus the trouble in eating.

Can patients with dysphagia experience deficiencies?

Dysphagia may be recorded as a serious issue when ethical interventions are not quickly implemented. Delayed medical problems can worsen symptoms.

Failure to swallow and vomit back food before it reaches the stomach reduces nutrients ingested and absorbed by the body, thus chances of them lacking certain nutrients are high. 

How do Dysphagia symptoms affect individuals health and nourishment?

Chocked when eating, drinking, and coughing, which may influence chest infections like infected by aspiration pneumonia. During coughing, the food materials are accidentally directed to the chest. The food particles and the germs present affects the lung and may later cause chest sensations.

Being unable to chew, swallow food, and vomiting back food and drinks, results in nutrition inadequacy in their bodies, thus risk of being underweight.


How serious is dysphagia effect on your sustenance?

"Dysphagia may impact ingestion of nutrient required for body nourishment, leading to malnutrition, individuals failure to swallow food decreases nutrients in their systems"


 Diet Modification For Dysphagia individuals

  • Modify diets inform of consistency. Offer soft and liquid diets to patients for easy chewing and swallowing to prevent choking. In ongoing recovery, move to solid foods but bolus modified to exercise swallowing.
  • Offer fortified drinks such as fortified milk rich in various nutrients, including D and A vitamins. Fortified milk is easy for patients with dysphagia to swallow since they are full of liquids that cannot execute injuries. Fortified milk is rich in vitamins to prevent deficiencies from occurring.
  • Avoid acidic foods and garlic. They can again irritate the inflamed areas causing more pain. Instead, prefer alkaline juice fruits such as watermelon.

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