Vitamins and Minerals- why do we need to eye on these nutrients also

Vitamins and minerals-digest the information

What are these vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins and minerals are requisite micronutrients, needed in small quantities that perform various roles when ingested and absorbed into the human system. Individuals should be aware that slight inadequacy or overdose of these nutrients can cause them deficiency or toxicity. Then if we want to improve our nutrition and general health we need to eye on both macro and micronutrients.


 The nutrients we fed on, defines our nutritional status. Our failure to pay attention to the nutrients we ingest can lead to malnutrition hence costing our health.

Besides consuming macronutrient-rich foods, including carbohydrates and proteins for energy generation and body development, the human body needs micronutrients too; vitamins and minerals for immunity, nervous system function, bone development, and even fertility.

Most people have an understanding of macronutrient's importance compared to the nutrients needed in small amounts. They always concentrate their knowledge on carbohydrates and proteins. Since individuals are looking at how to gain, or lose weight, increase energy. 

Why should you need to concentrate on micronutrient intake?

Humans need to centralize on vitamins and minerals as well, to maintaining general robustness (prevent malnutrition). On the deficit, supplementation is required for those who cannot meet in their diets. Supplementation of these micronutrients is only done if prescribed. Therefore individuals are advised to consume varieties of foods including fruits and vegetables to obtain all required nutrients the body needs in relevant mode. 

Aside from persons understand of these micronutrients. They need to build tips on how to maintain accurate levels avoiding deficit or lethality.

Therefore let's keep an eye on how the individuals can increase or ensure the right vitamin and nutrient intake;


Tips To Increase-Right vitamin and mineral intake;


Consume in adherence to RDA


Being aware of the recommended quantity of specific micronutrients to ingested will be very important in avoiding especially toxicity, despite needed in small amounts, overdose from especially fat-soluble(A, K, E, D) vitamins is likely to occur, besides these nutrients deficit toxicity is accompanied by various ailments which sometimes is harmful.


Supplement if required 


Supplementation to those who can,t meet from dietary ingestion or to those vulnerable to micronutrient deficiency, especially mothers of childbearing age should be supplemented with iron and iodine.


Visit dietitian/ doctor for any query


Visits should not only be done when you are on deficiency, nutritional counseling is vital at all stages, get in touch with your health expert and get contented with nourishing tips.

Your dietitian will help you understand the various concepts in nutrient -nutrient, and drug-nutrient interaction if in medication to help you cope with nutrient absorption without interference or lowering bioavailability.


Cooking and food preparation methods


Good cooking and food preparation methods are very important in ensuring nutrients are preserved and not destroyed, be careful of cooking methods, particularly those entailing thorough boiling and dry heat methods such as roasting which can interfere with vitamins especially B vitamins.

Consume varieties of foods 

In all food groups, the variety of foods including; cereals, pulses, fruits, and vegetables. Provide adequacy and balance of these micronutrients. Consumption of one beloved food will hinder one from getting all nutrients.

Consume fortified foods


Consumption of fortified foods such as iodized salt, bread containing B vitamins added in milk fortified with D vitamins, and some fruit juice contain calcium added in these fortified foods. These have been shown to increase the micronutrient intake. Even if some have been destroyed during the processing, like in bread baking.

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