Heart and person's nutrition-good condition

Guard your heart

The heart is a vital muscular organ that pumps and drives blood to all body tissues via the blood vessels. Also Contributes much as part of the cardiovascular system in ensuring the circulation of oxygen and nutrients the body tissues and cells need are successfully delivered. These transported substances such as glucose and oxygen keep the cell physiology and the rest of the body functions going.

For this reason, the heart should be healthy for it to perform day to day functions of pumping blood into the blood vessels, and not only the heart for instance the whole cardiac system including the blood vessels working in hand with the heart to complete circulation should be alright without complications to deliver and receive blood from the heart.

Nutrition impact on the Heart
fruit drinks improve heart wellbeing

Heart-healthy is guarding the heart-protecting it from damage and keeping it in safe mode free from disorders that may alter its functions.

Nutrition through individuals' diet has an impact on heart health. Besides other causes of cardiac disease like hereditary, and drug abuse persons nutrition can also be a root of unhealthy heart and the cardiac system in general. Therefore food one ingests for the body's nourishment and physiology should not harm body organs like the heart but instead contributes to its health.

Foods rich in saturated fats which elevate cholesterol levels in the blood and those high in sodium like margarine and refined foods tend to have hidden salt in high concentration, these foods put a lot of burden on the cardiac system.

The cholesterol raised by saturated fatty foods gets themselves deposited in the blood vessels like the arteries. Thus causing narrowing of the arteries which then impacts blood flow, the build-up of fats in the blood vessels leads to atherosclerosis and these fat deposits narrow the arteries making them rigid, when arteries get rigid and narrow, limiting blood flow to body tissue, we can describe the condition as arteriosclerosis.

The damaged arteries force the heart to pump blood much more to make sure blood reaches all body parts, the blood pressure from the pumping heart exerts force to the arteries walls, this later results in high blood pressure.

Therefore for a healthy heart, one needs to moderate sodium intake and fats, instead, individuals should consume unsaturated fats from plant oils and lean meat like those from fish and chicken, avoiding saturated fats will unlikely contribute to heart attack and stroke.

Cardiac Disorders

Are diseases of the cardiac system, affecting both the heart and blood vessels.

The diseases include the ;


  • Hypertension

High blood pressure exerted on damaged arteries limiting blood flow to the body tissues 


  • Coronary artery

This describes both arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis characterized by arteries being rigid, narrow and cholesterol deposits in the arteries respectively, impairing the normal function of the blood vessels 

  • Stroke

Describes the condition when the arteries delivering blood to the brain mainly for the supply of oxygen and nutrients get damaged, that's become narrow and rigid limiting blood flow to brain tissues thereby brain cells experience oxygen shortage and start dying, resulting to stroke.

  • Arteriosclerosis

Narrowing of arteries due to cholesterol deposited on the arteries walls

In general, On keeping the heart-healthy we need to;


To exercise - physical activity helps burn excess fats and calories preventing their accumulation in the body and blood vessels.

Eat unsaturated fats, and moderate sodium foods - unsaturated fats from plant products tend to be healthy since they contain good cholesterol. Moderation of sodium intake and avoiding adding raw salt to the table is healthy. The concept that everyone needs to be aware especially its dangers.

Eat fiber-dense foods to regulate glucose and cholesterol absorption, fiber binds cholesterol preventing its absorption thus bad cholesterol absorption will be regulated.

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