Chicken meat: benefits of it's constituents.



You need a delicious, lean meat source packed with both nutrients and flavour. A simple chicken dish offers all this to you. Chicken meat dominates in all ways; it's a healthy meat source without bad cholesterol, and its boneless parts like the breasts are the best served to the aged.

What is this chicken?


Chicken is the meat obtained from a slaughtered hen or cock. The meat is then made ready for consumption when the slaughtered hen or cock is prepared and well cooked to produce wholesome meat that meets human needs. That is both nutritional and without contaminants that can cause harm.

Chicken is a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. For this reason, chicken consumption plays an important role in building the human body, structure, and tissue and ensuring human health in general.
Choline, a nutrient found in eggs, is also packed in chicken meat, so consumption of chicken is one way to meet the daily recommendations for choline. Chicken as white meat and lean meat is a better substitute for red meat for individuals with elevated cholesterol levels and who want to lower saturated fat levels in their bodies but without opting out of the high biological sources of protein.

The benefits of chicken over other meats
Feeding chicken as a source of meat and protein has the following nutritional advantages for the human body:

·        Chicken contains B-group vitamins, mainly niacin, which aid in the prevention of cancer and other forms of genetic damage.

·        Chicken is rich in phosphorous that supports tooth growth, bones, and central nervous functions.

·        Poultry meat has a lower amount of cholesterol and thus is healthy for the heart. Since it has unsaturated fats, unlike red meat with saturated fatty acids,

·        Eating chicken helps fight osteoporosis, so it's crucial for those approaching their golden years.


·        Pregnant women who include chicken in their diet will gain choline, an important nutrient essential in building and developing their fetus's brain structures.

Why is chicken breast more nutritious than thighs 

Do you know how nutritious this chicken part is?
Chicken breast has a slight nutritional dominance over thighs since 2 fluid ounces of each of them offers 46 calories with 27g of protein as compared to 30g of protein and 178 calories from the thigh source.
The chicken breast will be the best for diabetics with type 2 due to its being low in calories and high in nutrients.
Chicken breast is therefore nutritious with fewer calories. Being lower in calories makes it healthy for geriatrics who cannot perform strenuous exercise due to worn-out muscle tissue to get rid of the excess calories.


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